The Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger recognition awardSo it has been a while since I wrote a post, as usual at the end of a year my home and work life get really hectic.  You see I work for myself so the end of a year for me means having to sort out my business finances, do my accounting, all the wonderful things you want to be doing in the run up to Christmas and New Year celebrations…NOT!

So today I thought lets get back on track and get stuck into writing some more posts.  So I logged into my blog and I saw the most wonderful thing.  The lovely Jecca over at had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  It absolutely made my day and I will definitely be beaming with pride for a while longer too.  Thank you so so much Jecca xx

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

It’s great to receive an award but what exactly is it about?  Well I had to look this up as this is my first award and although I am absolutely grateful to have been nominated, it is nice to know and understand the what and the why!  This award is given by bloggers to fellow bloggers to increase and nurture the growth of the blogging community.  A way of giving recognition to a fellow blogger who’s work you have followed and enjoyed.  So kind of like the same feeling as being back at school where at the end of term your teacher makes you stand up in assembly to give you an award for all the hard work you have done.  I mean who doesn’t like to receive praise?  I know I do, no matter who awkward I look when someone gives me a compliment or says “great job”, I still have that warm fuzzy feeling inside.  And today I have that same warm, fuzzy feeling.

The Rules

Now you can either accept or completely ignore the award, however if you do accept the award you have to follow a few rules:

  • Write a post about accepting the award
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award
  • Briefly write about how you started blogging
  • Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 10-15 other bloggers to nominate for the award
  • Comment on each of the nominees blogs letting them know that you have nominated them and give a link to your post

How did I start At Home With Nich?

Well as I said I haven’t been blogging for long, in fact I only started in October 2017, literally a year after moving to France from the UK.  I had been toying with the idea of blogging for some time, as a way to get my ideas and information out there, to help other people in any way I can through writing.  You see I have been running my own business from home for the last 6+ years.  Working from home is completely different and throws up a whole different type of stress to a “regular” form of employment.  Throw in having children and moving to another country and you have a whole host of anxieties that can creep in.  The biggest spanner we had thrown at us was when our first daughter was diagnosed with multiple allergies.  I’m not new to allergies, I suffered from eczema as a child brought on through allergies and my brother too had food allergies.  The severity of our daughters allergies was a big shock to us and it has taken quite a few years to understand and control it better.  All in all a very stressful and unpleasant few years.  In order to deal with problems in a better way I turned to writing as a way of focussing my thoughts and ideas in a constructive way, that not only helped me but would also benefit others.

I’m not sure what my blog would be classified under, “lifestyle” blog perhaps, because my focus is generally on health and wellbeing and how we can use nature to feel and live a better life.  Herbs, plants, Mother Nature has fascinated me since I was a child, it is a world so diverse and we still don’t know or understand half of it.

Advice for any new bloggers starting out

To only give 2 pieces of advice is very difficult, not only because I am new to this but also because I feel like I have accumulated quite a lot of tips already, but I will try to pick 2 helpful pieces of advice:

  1. Networking: People think blogging is all about writing and yes that plays a part, but a small part compared to what it takes to be a successful blogger and I’m not there yet.  Being a blogger takes an awful lot of networking, mainly through social media but also through reading and commenting on other bloggers posts.  This is incredibly time consuming and can sometimes feel like an inefficient use of time.  I have a full time job and 2 children to look after so I don’t get an awful lot of “spare” time.  Try to schedule a time for networking and allocate a set amount of time you can give to networking and stick to it.
  2. Take breaks: Most advice from bloggers will say that you have to be consistent in posting blogs, meaning if you decide to posts 3 times a week then you need to be consistent.  However to me this isn’t realistic, life changes, things happen, or you simply get ill, all of which mean you can’t always keep to your schedule.  If you are writing good quality and well thought out posts then those people who genuinely like your blog, will still continue to follow you even if you take a break.  You can always have in your back hand unpublished posts for times like this, but certainly don’t get stressed out if your schedule changes.  For me quality rules over quantity and the blogs that I really enjoy following are those that don’t post every week and even if a blogger hasn’t posted anything for a few weeks I’m always excited when they return with a great post.

My nominees

This was actually very difficult to do as a lot of the blogs I enjoy reading had already been nominated for the award and I prefer to give someone else a chance, but recently I’ve been looking at Allergy based blogs due to my daughters allergies and I would like them to receive more recognition, so many of my nominations are based on allergies.

Beauty from Ashes

The Thankful Heart

Damn Girl Get Your Shit Together

Gluten Free Alice

The Allergy Brothers

My Allergy Boy

Allergy Nat

My Wellness Addiction

Delicious by Sanya

Libby’s Simple Eat

Happy blogging everyone and thank you again Jecca for nominating me.

Love and hugs

Nich xx

4 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award”

    1. You are most welcome. Indeed I was surprised as to how much more time I spend networking then I do thinking about and writing a post. My daughter is allergic to any milk from animals, gluten, wheat and the biggest one sesame. The usual colourants and parabens don’t do her any good either as well as penicillin is a no-go. Luckily since moving to all natural plant based products and medicines we can control her allergies better. Also she regularly sees an allergist who gave her a daily antihistamine that works amazingly and so nasty side effects either.


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